We are so sorry that we can’t currently bring our events to you so instead we are hosting this “virtual book and gift fair”.

If your employer is hosting one of our virtual events you will also get free delivery to your place of employment (or we can ship to you at home but you will have to pay shipping) at the date/time specified at checkout.

Local delivery (for orders over $50) – Ashland, Lorain, Medina or Wayne County Ohio

You may also get out of your house and pick up your order in lovely Spencer, Ohio!! Spencer, Ohio is located in Medina County. It is a lovely area if you would like to get out and take a drive and pick up your order. It is a farming area and we also have a large Amish population. So if you are coming from out of the area please understand that you need to keep your eyes on the road and be aware that there may be horses and buggies, farm tractors, or other slow moving vehicles.

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